By Beautiful Brands x Monique Lucas

A sustainably produced, British homewares brand made here in the UK. Inspired by islands near and far that Monique Lucas herself has lived and worked. From each experience, she has found a continual inspiration of both coastal life and atmospheres. The surroundings of the sea, greenery and ever changing nature are what birthed her detailed and vibrant designs. Alongside this she aims to reciprocate all she can to protect and respect these exquisite environments. From the moment a print takes shape to the point at which a customer receives their product, nature is at the heart of the whole process. All the fabric is sourced from REACH compliant mills across the world who maintain ecological quality. The printing method is also carefully considered and uses Digital Pigment inks, which are widely renowned as being one of the most eco-friendly options. The printing requires no water at a all and uses approximately 95% less energy than the more traditional screen printing methods. Most of her work is produced when she is on an island, free minded, slowing down and connecting with her surroundings.