Serie Nature Exhibtion

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In a small, quirky urban space, Monique Lucas proudly presented her first solo exhibition: Serie Nature. Through a small alleyway, visitors were welcomed to come and see exactly what her event name entailed, a series of nature-inspired prints, posters, mixed media and paintings.

Un-identical Twins was a poster series that depicted use of colour soaked yellows, purples, greens and blues to emphasis the static energy she wished these works to give off. Moving to a more hyper-real series of works, Bug Series embodied more detailed and microscopic, perhaps even scientific, pieces that highlighted that she, not only knows her way around the colour palette but, holds the steady hand of a detailed artist. The series of insect pieces concluded with Red Midnight, Blue Sky Fly and 2050; these pieces combined her techniques from both Un-identical Twins and Bug Series. Her avid research of Jean-Paul Basquiat’s artwork was evident here; creating a calming effect in their chaotic nature.

Evident through her own branding and personal style in artwork, a ‘seize’ upon freedom inspired the creation of Serie Nature. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the endnote of the exhibition: The Soulful Eyes hung in the back wall of the exhibition, projected the chiaroscuros of two self-portraits met with a vibrancy of contrasting primary colours that ensured an engagement and questioning of one’s own nature of the self. 

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