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About Monique

Monique Lucas 
Photo by Will Waterworth 

Monique Lucas is a brand that, through homewares, captures the quirkiness of Coastal life. I spent a lot of my life on the Isle of Wight and travelling around a variety of other islands. I was fortunate enough to live in both Hong Kong and Singapore in my childhood and travelled to many other tropical islands. I have also spent much time in Florida, visiting my grandmother over the years. 

From such experiences, I have found a continual inspiration of both coastal  life and atmospheres. The surroundings of the sea, greenery and ever-changing nature are what birthed my detailed, but vibrant, designs. The Isle of Wight is quirky, fun and distinctive; all characteristics I desire to shine through my designs.

I produce most of my work when I am on an island; free minded, slowing down and connecting with my surroundings.