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"The first thing which struck me when I saw Monique’s designs was the colourful and creative nature of each product. I ordered the ‘Palm Tree Tea Towel’ and the ‘Anchor Girl Cushion’ for my Mum’s birthday; to say we were impressed was an understatement, the quality is great, designs are creative and thoughtful and the overall feel of each product is fantastic. The tea towel really does bring some colourful life into the kitchen! I know that this will not be the last time I order"

Will Bloxam, Isle of Wight , UK

"From her materials to subjects, Monique Lucas is an authentic, British brand."

Cassius Taylor, London 

"Monique Lucas consistently produce refreshing designs that work in both a modern and more traditional setting”

Al Kilpatrick , Norfolk , UK 

“ I came across Monique’s work by accident scrolling on instagram, and it caught my eye immediately. After the first look at the beautiful sketches , i was really impressed by such a young talent. I then discovered her merchandise and decided to buy the beautiful hibiscus print tea towel , it is really great quality and so bright and colourful - a very welcome addition to my kitchen. I am going to purchase more of her products to add to my collection” 

Frankie Mcfarland, Salisbury, UK 

“A beautiful brand by a beautiful soul - reflecting island loving”

Maxim Smith, London , UK

“I purchased the Lobster Tea Towel from Monique Lucas design and have not stopped using it since. The design is so beautiful and my friends and family always comment on what a rare treat it is to get a hand-drawn design on fabrics these days. It looks perfect in my house and really brightens up the kitchen. Not to mention the quality of the tea towel which is second to none. “

Hermione  Seymour , London , Uk

“Having first been introduced to Monique and her talent in Los Angeles , When she opened her pop up in London I was sure to stop by to see all her new products she had designed in half a year ( which turned out to be lots!). I bought the Anchor girl cushion there to have in my bedroom and i absolutely love it. The Quality is incredible and the item was very reasonably priced. I am also heartened knowing that her creations aren’t massed produced - the brand genuinely cares about sustainability in the creative and manufacturing processes and her environmental commitment is truly commendable in this era that mass produces items which generate so much waste. I believe her items and truly unique and authentic and i am So pleased with my purchase - i will be definitely be back for more! “

Lauren Blair, London , UK